Should I buy a laptop with a hard drive or a solid state drive?

April 14, 2019

TLDR: Always go with a solid state drive because it will make your computer faster. If you need more space than buy an external hard drive and store all your infrequently used files on it.

What is the difference between an SSD/HDD?

SSD/HDD is the storage of your computer. Just like a closet in your home, the bigger the closet, the more things you are able to store.

SSD stands for solid state drive. Solid state drives can be anywhere between 200% - 800% faster, depending on the model of the solid state drive. They also don't have any moving parts, making it a great choice for portable devices like laptops. However, when it comes to price, solid state drives are more expensive than a hard drive with the same amount of space.

  • On average 200% - 800% faster than a hard drive
  • Usually more expensive compared to hard drives

HDD stands for hard disk drive. Hard disk drives are a lot slower compared to solid state drives. Unlike solid state drives, hard disk drives have a disk that is moving when the hard disk drive is active. Moving your laptop aggressively when the hard disk drive is active can be dangerous. Aggressive movements increase the possibility of the hard disk drive getting damaged and corrupting your data. However, unlike solid state drives, hard disk drives are relatively cheaper for the same amount of space.

  • Really slow compared to a solid state drive
  • Cheap for lots of storage

Which one do I choose and why?

If you don't need a lot of space than an SSD is the clear winner. This would allow your computer to be really fast and you wouldn't have to wait around for simple things like waiting for your computer to start. If you need more space I recommend you still pick a laptop with an SSD and buy an external hard drive that you can plug into your laptop for storing your files.

Chances are you aren't accessing all the files on the hard drive on a regular basis. This not only would allow you to have a faster laptop but would also help reduce the risk of losing your data in case anything happens to your computer.

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